Marie - Chislehurst - February 2010

We have been using Polly’s Pet Care Services since October 2008, when our dog Mollie, a miniature Labradoodle, was five months old. Polly’s service was very accommodating to me. I was having a difficult time coping with a very young dog, a young son and a partner off climbing mountains for charity. Polly assured me that this was not a problem and she would help in any way she could and so far, it has not been.

When you entrust the care of your four-legged baby to someone (not to mention giving someone access to your home!) you naturally have reservations. It was really hard to leave Mollie in the hands of someone new, but I did not have anything to worry about – Polly’s Pet Care Service has always been extremely competent and reliable! I am not one to gush about things but she genuinely cares about Mollie. On occasions when I am home I see first hand how much Mollie enjoys her walks. She jumps into Polly’s arms with her usual teddy bear in her mouth wagging her entire body with the most enthusiastic greeting you could imagine.

On occasions, when Mollie has been under the weather, Polly will call me at work and let me know, for which I am really grateful. She will always also let me know if anything has happened during the walk that I should be aware of. I am kept up to date of Mollies development even now as she is getting older, there is always new things to learn. Also, there have been times when we have called for last minute walks for weekend days when we have been busy and Polly has always been there to help us out of a worrying situation. If we are out for the evening and may be home late, Polly will house and dog sit for us so we do not have to worry about being out for too long.

We have also used Polly when we have gone away on holiday. Polly kindly moves into our home so there is no worry of dog kennels or transportation when you are trying to get to an airport. It is also good that we have the added security that the home is not empty while we are away. We receive daily text messages updating us on what is happening so we can enjoy our holiday and not have any worries, which has been great. We have even used this service when we thought it would be a great idea to go skiing over the New Year!

In October 2009 we had a new arrival to our family, Poppie the Tibetan Terrier. Polly took to looking after Poppie with the same caring and loving way she did with Mollie, dealing with the joys of a new puppy and continues to do so still today. Training has become a way of life for Poppie and I can happily say that to date we have a wonderful little girl who has not caused us too much stress or money (I can happily say she is not a chewer!).

Recently Polly has expanded her business, like many of her clients I had the concern that the dogs will not get the love and attention they have to date with Polly if it was not her looking after our little babies. We should not have worried. Polly introduced us to the most wonderful new Mummy, Jane. After a few house visits and joint walks with Polly Jane has taken over some of the daily walks and I can say that the girls greet her with the same enthusiastic body wagging and offering of their favourite teddies as a present.

I highly recommend Polly’s Pet Care Service. I am usually the first person to let the world know when I am not pleased with a service but honestly; I have never had a problem. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or would like to talk directly.

Debbie - Pet: Hendrix, Haungarian VizluaClick to view the gallery

Polly has walked my dog Hendrix since he was a puppy and without her I would have a much naughtier dog on my hands! He needs a lot of exercise – far more than I can give him during the week and his ‘fun runs’ with Polly and her other dogs are just what he needs. Polly has consistently been not only polite and professional but flexible enough to adapt to any circumstance. I really don’t know what I would do without her.


Polly started caring for my two cats at the beginning of last year when she was recommended to me by my local vet. Polly made a home visit prior to her first "holiday duty" and I was impressed by her professionalism and her obvious enthusiasm about working with animals. I was initially slightly wary of handing over house keys to someone who in effect is a total stranger, but I need not have worried since I have found her to be entirely trustworthy and I am now more than happy to leave the house and cats in her care. She has a lovely personality and I can't recommend her highly enough to anyone who finds themselves in need of a temporary carer for their pets."

Amanda - Livery Yard

Polly has been tending to our horses needs since July 2009. She is very reliable and conciensious. She has always been very helpful in times of need, especially when one of the horses manages to get tangled in fencing or cast! Polly has even managed to still get to the yard through blizzards and ice! I highly recommend her to anyone.

Mark and Sally

We have entrusted Polly’s Pet Care Services for our pets for just under 2 years now. We have 2 dogs who are spirited and can be quite a handful, Prince an Irish setter and Lilly a German Sheppard. IN that time, Polly has been 100% reliable and is always willing to accommodate last minute crisis/unforeseen emergencies. She has a wealth of experience about canine behavior and has been more than happy to reinforce and put into practice existing or new training strategies and needs. Polly’s approach is assertive but caring which gives us confidence that she is responsible and in control at all times. Communication is important to us and where appropriate, Polly keeps an ongoing dialogue about any issues that may come up during her time spent with Prince and Lilly. We would not hesitate in recommending Polly to any future customers.